Tribal Diagnostics receives Letter of Support from Association of American Indian Physicians

It is with pleasure I offer this memorandum on behalf of the Association of American Indian Physicians (MIP) to serve as a ‘Letter of Support’ for your organization and as a testament to you personally as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

MIP is a national physicians association whose mission is “to pursue excellence in Native American health care by promoting education in the medical disciplines, honoring traditional healing principles and restoring the balance of mind, body, and spirit.” MIP creates and sustains programs for Native students to engage in health careers, fosters forums where modern medicine combines with traditional healing woven together for enhancing health care delivery to American Indian and Alaska Native (Al/AN) communities. Tribal Diagnostics, LLC and Mr. Littlepage have been ardent supporters of our initiatives and a consistent partner in our many efforts throughout the years. MIP provides leadership in various health care arenas affecting Al/AN such as diabetes mellitus, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, methamphetamine use, non-medical use of prescription drugs, and more. Our recommendation and support for Tribal Diagnostics based on past performance is unsurpassed.

The Al/AN population Is a small percentage of the overall population in the United States yet successful work must be targeted, culturally informed, and collaborative in order to make a significant impact. The Association of American IndianPhysicians stands shoulder to shoulder with Tribal Diagnostics on many fronts including understanding of this premise. More importantly MIP   views Tribal Diagnostics as a valued partner and collaborator. MIP   remains eager to continue to develop and broaden our interactive and collaborative work with Tribal Diagnostics for improving health outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Natives through their work.