The way a Laboratory should be

High Quality. Transparent. Affordable. Community Focused.

Tribal Diagnostics is a full-service, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory that partners with ALL providers but has a passion for underserved communities, particularly Indian Country.

Laboratories Can Play a Vital Role in a Broken Healthcare System

Healthcare is expensive and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be….


The Importance of Laboratories

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% of today’s medical decisions are based on laboratory test results. Lab tests are needed to diagnose, treat and help prevent disease. 

Understand The Health Crisis

The Cost of Healthcare is a Problem

Nearly one in three Americans claim they have delayed receiving medical care because of the cost.  

Tribal Diagnostics Was Built to be Part of the Solution

With hundreds of high-quality lab tests at low, Medicare-like rates for areas such as diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, patients can receive the tests they need without hurting their pocketbook. 

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Making A Difference

Tribal Diagnostics cares about improving health outcomes and cares about the community where we donate both time and money to countless charities. The lab is owned and operated by Native Americans dedicated to enhancing the health outcomes of people across the United States.

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Impeccable Service

Full-service laboratory with personalized service, easy access to test results, and EMR interface capabilities. Having successfully supported thousands of non-Native providers as well as close to two dozen Tribal (I/T/U) facilities across many states we are committed to serving providers & patients nationwide.

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Transparent Pricing

Whether you have insurance or not, lab tests should be transparent and affordable. We are proud to be in network with the nation’s largest insurance carriers too, allowing millions of members nationwide access to Tribal Diagnostics services