Enhance the health and wellness of Native Americans by providing physicians and patients tailored information to prevent and treat disease.

Includes testing for Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Women’s Health and Wellness, as well as Overall Health

Our motto is that every treatment starts with a diagnosis. With that in mind, physicians, clinics, and hospitals will be able to send patient specimens to our state of the art facility where we test, verify, and release results back to healthcare providers who evaluate the data and treat patients accordingly.

Our laboratory currently offers toxicology and blood chemistry testing. Tribal Diagnostics offers comprehensive reports that allow you to make critical decisions for your patients. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality services and the most accurate, reliable results.


Toxicology testing includes workplace drug testing, which also screens for drugs of abuse, and athletic drug testing in sport programs to detect banned substances or drugs that enhance performance.

The toxicology report includes the results from the lab procedures that identify and quantify potential toxins and interpret the findings. Potential toxins can include prescription medications and drugs of abuse.  This report is eventually issued in forensic toxicology testing.


A full blood count (or FBC) test is taken for most general health screenings—such as anemia, internal bleeding, poor diet, low white blood cell count which could indicate viral infections or bone marrow issues, high white blood cell count which could indicate leukemia, autoimmune conditions, or inflammation.  The test is taken from a small sample of blood from a vein, typically in the arm.